The journey from first-year law student to passing the bar exam is not easy. Therefore, it is imperative to  get a jump start on law school before it is time to take your first exam.  
Once you start school, you will hear the word IRAC ad-nauseam. This concept is the most critical thing a law student needs to know because it forms the basis for how to write an organized and passing exam.  Once you truly grasp the IRAC principle everything else you do in law school becomes easier. 
What does IRAC mean? In sum, it means issue, rule, analysis and conclusion. It is an equation, a way of life, it is the end all be all of what separates the A grade from the D. The problem with law school and IRAC is two-fold:
 1. Law school expects you to grasp this writing style on your own as they don’t spend a lot of  time covering it... you simply jump right into learning the substantive law.
 2. Most students make the mistake of focusing solely on learning the material and not  concentrating on how to write.

At Shaid Law Tutoring Services, we will make sure that you understand the IRAC concept clearly to lead you to succeed in law school and your bar exam.