At Shaid Law Tutoring Services,  we provide one-on-one tutoring sessions working with the particular needs of the student. Such needs range from how to properly write with IRAC format, do thorough analysis, outlining and organizing the material, and preparing for an essay examination. Sessions generally last throughout the entire semester and range from 2-3 meetings per week.  

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The journey from first-year law student to passing the bar exam is not easy. Therefore it is imperative to  get a jump start on law school before it is time to take your first exam.   

Once you start school you will hear the word IRAC ad-nauseam. This concept is the most critical thing a law student needs to know because it forms the basis for how to write an organized and passing exam.  Read more....


Why Hire a Tutor?
Law School Tutoring

 The answer is simple. You will be prepared and have a solid foundation on what it is you need to do to succeed in school as well as on the bar exam.   Further, we understand that each student learns and processes information differently. Thus, our one-on-one tutoring sessions are tailored to your particular learning style and focus on the following:
  • Exam approach and preparation
  • Learning the IRAC method
  • Issue spotting